Wireless Take-a-number system with counter stand

Wireless Take A Number ALZW05B

Description: The Wireless Take A Number ALZW05B  includes a ticket dispenser with counter stand, wireless keyfobs, infrared remote control and a two-digit Display with 5″ high digits.
Item: ALZW05B  Dimensions: 10″ x 8″ x 2.5″ Weight: 9.09 lbs.

Specifications: The Take A Number system has two RJ45 modular connectors for RS422 serial data transmission and reception. Two RJ11 modular connectors for accessories. RJ11 modular connector for remote Button inputs. Power connector (2.1×5.5mm). Test button for testing and configuration. Power requirements: 10-15VAC or 12-20VDC. Current consumption: 100mA maximum per digit. Construction: Metal enclosure, black powder coated finish with transparent red acrylic front.

Features: With the Take A Number system customers are free to wait where they please and employees don’t have to yell out names and numbers. Use in public service settings to help direct clientele at the DMV or Social Security offices. The Take A Number system can cover multiple college or university waiting areas with “Now Serving” wall displays for organizational events and registration. Use in medical clinics to direct patients to the correct department. Add additional displays using cat-5 cable. Convenience is important to most people. This gives you an advantage as Alzatex timers are easy to use. The real benefit to you is a very quick learning curve.



Item Includes:

  • (1) DSP502B-NS Large LED Display.
  • (1) RFCE2Y1 Remote Key chain Transmitter.
  • (1) Infrared Remote Control
  • (1) TMS3110 Ticket Dispenser Head.
  • (1) TMS3115 Ticket Dispenser Counter Stand.
  • (1) TMS3114 Take-A-Number Sign.
  • (1) TMS3300X1 Two-Digit Ticket Roll.
  • (1) M2C22G050F 50ft, 22ga, Two conductor Wire.
  • (1) Wall Transformer.
  • (1) RC Reference card.
  • (1) WD Wiring diagram.