When Selecting

Your new take a number system for your business, you have two major categories to choose from, depending on how much you are willing to pay and whether or not you want to go the high tech route with a printer or if you can settle for the simpler take a number systems, where you pull a ticket from a red dispenser head.


The take-a-number system eliminates long waiting lines so that clients are free to roam as they are waiting to be served.


The major benefit of these take a number systems is that they will echo the current customer’s number, so that all your employees and waiting customers will know exactly what’s going on.


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Take A Number System

Is critical for providing good customer service, and has never before been this easy, giving peace of mind to your customers waiting in the long aggravating lines. Take A Number Operation for your customer can now be quick and easy adding excellent management features to those that have to wait in line. The machine is easy and simple to read as the display board is so big with large fonts that even those with bad eyesight can see without any problems.


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Data is captured and recorded for every step of the process

Waiting Line Management

The Standard Waiting Line Management System includes a display, controller, ticket printer, and ticket paper. Customers can take a ticket and wait for their number to be called. When a staff member is ready to service the next customer, he or she would press a button, which advances the display to the next number.


Data is archived on our AlzaCloud service for later review and for meeting compliance requirements for reduced wait times.


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